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New release, more dates, and a cover!


Trust is out today from Amber Allure!  Get it HERE.

While Trust is a re-release, this is the first time it’s been a stand-alone publication rather than being part of an anthology.



Upcoming release Dates:LoveDelivered

July 14: Love, Delivered (formerly Special Delivery) from Amber Allure.

August: Fool for Love from Loose Id (tentative)

December: Fantasies: Christmas from Loose Id (tentative)


New release: The Carpenter and the Fairy, and news!

The Carpenter and the Fairy released today from Amber Allure!

This is a reprint of a previously published book.



Former military man Mason Larue is into one-night-stands and big, burly guys. So while attending a crowded and noisy costume party, he is not happy to find himself unnaturally attracted to a sweet, slim young man wearing eyeliner and dressed in a fairy costume.

After a spectacular night spent with Avery, however, Mason begins to change his mind about what he wants. Can he somehow get past his fears and stereotypes in time to obtain what he never knew he desired?



In other news, I signed contracts with Loose Id for two reprints.  Fool for Love and Fantasies: Christmas will both be released by Loose Id, hopefully later this year.  Both of these books will be expanded and changed quite a bit from their original forms.


Getting new covers is one of my favorite things about being an author.  In the past couple of weeks, I’ve gotten three brand new covers!  Even though two are for reprints, they look completely different from the old covers.  I enjoyed seeing how different artists portray the same themes.

Always a Groomsman

Always a Groomsman

April Martinez designed this one, which is for my June 11 Loose Id release. I definitely felt the “awww” factor when I opened the file for the first time.  :)   I might be biased, but I think the cover is perfect for a wedding-themed story.

The other two, by Trace Edward Zaber of Amber Quill Press, are for the reprints I have coming this month and next.  I never thought the previous covers did justice to the stories, as one was previously published in an anthology, and the other had a stock Halloween cover with a girl on it.  Neither cover was bad before, they just didn’t tell much about what the stories were about.



Trust, my one and only BDSM story to date, is due out June 16.  Not a BDSM fan?  Don’t worry.  It’s very light BDSM.


The Carpenter and the Fairy

The Carpenter and the Fairy is due out May 26.  It’s a fun Halloween tale about opposites attracting.

Trust and The Carpenter and the Fairy can currently be found on the Amber Allure coming soon page.

I’ll post more information on Always a Groomsman when I have it.





New contract, and a new cover!

I just signed a contract with Loose Id for a gay contemporary novella, entitled Always a Groomsman.  I’m thinking it will be out sometime this summer, but I don’t have a release date as of yet.  In fact, I just got the first set of edits yesterday.

In other news, I got a cover for my April 14th release from Amber AllureGoing Down is the story of a man who wants to save his failing relationship, but he doesn’t know how.  After a few things make him certain it’s too late, he ends up trapped in an elevator with his soon-to-be ex.  Will they make up…or break up?


In progress: Institute 3

Up until last week, I was frantically working on a story for a submission call.  It’s now finished and subbed.  All I have to do is wait… *crosses fingers*

I needed something to distract me while I wait for news, so I started the third Institute book.  My hope is to have it out this summer (from Amber Allure), although that will depend on how long it ends up being and how quickly I finish.  As of this evening, I have 4025 words of what will probably be around 60,000.

Not a bad start.

I don’t want to spoil anything, but I will say this book features Garris, who first made his appearance in Touch.


The website is still under construction, but I have some news to share that couldn’t wait!  On January 8, my novella The Cost of Secrets will be released by Loose Id.


ISBN: 978-1-62300-162-9

Police officer Dan Fallon knows the streets, but he’s a rookie at romance, and still very much in the closet. He thinks sexy fitness instructor Isaac is way out of his league, until a dangerous situation breaks the ice between them.

Isaac Weiss has spent years trying to get his life back together after a series of terrible mistakes. The last thing he should be doing is trying to have a relationship with a cop, especially with his past. Too bad he’s unable to resist sweet, shy Dan.

It’s not long though, before the secrets both men are keeping rise to the surface and threaten to destroy the fragile connection they’ve forged with one another. Can Dan and Isaac find acceptance or will the cost of secrets be too high?