savingciaran_300x454Outcasts: Saving Ciaran


Cast out of his family for being gay, Drew is a werewolf without a Pack. While traveling to his new home, he saves a strange, winged man who is being chased through the woods. He doesn’t expect to fall in love.

Half-fae, half-demon, Ciaran is an outcast among his people. When he’s summoned to the human world, he doesn’t know what to do. To him, Earth is complicated and scary, and he soon finds himself dealing with unexpected feelings for his rescuer.

If they can find the courage to take a risk, two outsiders may find a home at last.

claimingciaran_300x454Outcasts: Claiming Ciaran


Life is good for werewolf Drew and his half-demon lover, Ciaran. They’re beginning to fit into their small town, and slowly making friends. When Ciaran gets a job, things are almost perfect.

Then a series of strange, unsettling events disrupts their tranquil life, and Drew fears enemies from the past will destroy the life they’re building before it really begins.

UnleashingCiaran_300X454Outcasts: Unleashing Ciaran


After all they’ve been through together, werewolf Drew and his half-demon mate Ciaran are more than ready to live a normal life.

Then Drew’s peace of mind is shattered by a mysterious 3 a.m. phone call. A new threat has emerged, from a direction he never thought possible.

This time, it may be up to Ciaran to protect Drew…

doubleornothing_300x454Double or Nothing


Casino owner Darren Turner is astonished and angry when his ex-lover, a notorious casino cheat, shows up at his casino. Unfortunately, Noah refuses to leave unless Darren agrees to a most unusual wager: he gets two weeks to try to win Darren back. Darren agrees just to get rid of the man, but is determined not to risk his heart again. When the time is up, will Darren win it all or lose everything?


inawolfseyes_150x225-159x237In a Wolf’s Eyes


Months ago, former model Reed Emerson was nearly killed in a car accident. While on a trip to celebrate his recovery, he gets lost in the woods and meets an unusual wolf. When the animal turns out to be more than just a wolf, Reed is astonished and a little afraid.

Werewolf Ethan Amhurst has been alone a long time. Finding Reed lost on his property seems to be a stroke of luck. He wants to show Reed that his scars don’t matter, but can there be any future for a werewolf and a scarred ex-model?

hotandbothered_300x454Hot and Bothered


Shy, geeky Gil has been hiding his attraction to his sexy baseball player housemate, Dustin, by being rude to him. His plan seems to be working—until the temperature climbs and Dustin begs to sleep in Gil’s air-conditioned bedroom.

Gil intends to turn him down flat, but somehow finds himself agreeing. He thinks the night will be torture, but a lot can happen on a hot summer night…